Inventive Oasis cover bands are plentiful — remember Noasis? But have you ever heard of an AI-generated Oasis? Well, get ready, because the future is now.

Tired of waiting on a reunion from the Gallagher brothers' Britpop act, the English rock band Breezer have created AISIS, which uses artificial intelligence to merge AI-generated Liam Gallagher vocals with the Oasis-inspired (and non-AI) music of Breezer. At a half-hour long, their new The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 sounds like a trippy dream version of Oasis that could just as readily turn to nightmare territory.

Listen to ASIS near the bottom of this post.

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"We just got bored waiting for Oasis to re-form," Breezer singer and producer Bobby Geraghty explains to The Guardian of the project that envisions the AI Oasis right between the real Oasis' Be Here Now (1997) and Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000).

"All we have now is Liam and his brother trying to outdo each other," he continues. "But that isn't Oasis. So we got an AI-modelled Liam to step in on some tunes [that were] originally written for a short-lived but much-loved band called Breezer."

Breezer guitarist Chris Woodgates summarizes, "We've been together for over a decade, wrote a few tunes in 2013, but parked them and moved on. Over lockdown, we thought we should try to do something with them, so we released a couple … that got a bit of traction but soon petered out."

However, "Then Bobby had the mad idea to stick in Liam as the singer," he says.

How Does AISIS Work?

How was it done? "Our band sounded exactly like Oasis," Geraghty underscores. "All I had to do was replace my vocals with Liam's." He spliced various a cappella recordings of Liam to train his AI version of the singer, then layered it overtop Breezer's recordings.

"We originally had the idea to put it out as a lost Oasis tape," Breezer drummer Jon Claire says before adding, "We're actually a bunch of normal guys."

The drummer adds, "We just wanted to give people a bit of nostalgia — a what-might-have-been because we never really got any closure from Oasis. They just got worse and worse over the years, didn't they?"

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