Babymetal are back with The Other One, their fourth album and first since 2019's Metal Galaxy and they're here to provide a track-by-track breakdown of the 10 tracks that make up this new record.

It's the longest wait fans have had to endure between albums and, in October of last year, they were treated to "Divine Attack - Shingeki -," a track with a simple but effective soaring chorus, shimmering guitars and a lot of the usual bombast that has defined Babymetal's sound, but no less gratifying. One spoiler concerning what's below, this track involves a cavalry getting ready to do battle, so it's a prime introduction track to the group's first-ever concept album.

"Oct. 10, 2021... A decade after Babymetal descended upon this earth, their 10-year legend was sealed from the world. Fossilized metal spirits left the dystopia world where chaos still continues and are still in the midst of traveling the Metal Galaxy. However, with the advent of the virtual world Metalverse, a new chapter is about to begin. Through the Metalverse, a restoration project called The Other One will reveal a side of Babymetal we never knew existed. This is the 'other' story of Babymetal," a teaser stated last fall, intensifying anticipation over the conceptual effort.

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Then came "Monochrome," "METAL KINGDOM," and "Light and Darkness," offering fans a fair idea of the breadth of music present on The Other One.

Learn more about each song below!

Babymetal's Track-By-Track Breakdown of The Other One

Babymetal, 'The Other One'
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It is a powerful anthem ushering in the beginning of a new era while also representing the power and courage to step forward into uncharted territory. The track conveys imagery of one rising powerfully from the throne of silence, with a suitable fanfare announcing this new beginning.

"Divine Attack - Shingeki"

The time has come. Transcending many barriers and creating many legends, where will Babymetal head next? The power and dynamism of the song depicts a cavalry preparing for their future battle.

"Mirror Mirror"

Mirror, mirror on the wall...this song embodies a parallel world where the world inside the mirror and the world of reality go back and forth. Is what you see in the mirror your true self or the self you wish to be?


Reality is an illusion. The truth may be a deception. It is a feeling as if you wandered in between the Real World and the Virtual World. It may be magic, or it may be an illusion.

"Time Wave"

The concept of time is like an endless Mobius strip. The past, the future and the present can exist anywhere on the wave of time. Is the METALVERSE that lies beyond time a maze in which we have wandered into, or is it a destination we must reach?

Babymetal play Aftershock 2019
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Even if the seasons change and time passes, some things remain the same and some change. When light reflects in the mirror, what appears are two faces and two relative worlds. Who should we believe: someone else’s words or your own?


An armored knight appears amid a smoky haze. The song features tribal rhythms interwoven with captivating melodies as if it narrates a fable-like story.


From the children’s perspective, what color were the monochrome fireworks that lit up the night sky? The song captures a gentle yet powerful melody coloring a monochromatic world: the hopeful wish on Ragnorok, which signifies doomsday in Norse mythology, twinkling across the starry skies in rainbow colors.

"Light and Darkness"

Because light exists, darkness also exists. And because darkness is present, there is also a world that shines. During the night when light and darkness intersect, what we seek after poisoned with darkness awaits a world filled with strong love. As the door opens, is it hope or despair that awaits us?


The last song to the concept album The Other One, while raising their LEGEND flag, Babymetal head to the next stage that awaits them. This song serves not only as the end of The Other One, but also as the beginning of the journey to the METALVERSE.

Thanks to Babymetal for the breakdown! Get your copy of 'The Other One' here and follow Babymetal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Spotify.

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