What bands broke up in 2023? And what bands got back together? As 2023 fizzles out, it's prime time to reflect on all the rock and metal band breakups and reunions that occurred this year.

And there were a substantial number of both, though that's perhaps unsurprising for rock and metal fans. We're used to several of our favorite bands breaking up or going dormant, only to reunite later.

But it certainly keeps things exciting, right? A prominent rock or metal band might call it quits, but an equally important band could reunite the same year. It's the circle of life.

Bands Who Broke Up + Ones Who Reunited

That said, please join us, won't you, on this comprehensive journey covering rock and metal bands that broke up this year and rock and metal bands that got back together this year.

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Keep reading so you can see them all. We'll start with bands that broke up in 2023, including some "honorable mentions," followed by bands that got back together in 2023. Here's to another year!

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Bands That Broke Up in 2023

These are the rock and metal bands that broke up in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Philip Trapp

Honorable Mentions: Bands That Announced or Alluded to Their Breakup in 2023

Here are rock and metal bands that are eyeing a breakup, which they either announced or alluded to in 2023. However, they haven't effectively reached the end just yet.

Gallery Credit: Philip Trapp

Bands That Got Back Together in 2023

These are the rock and metal bands that reunited in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Philip Trapp

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