Craig Goldy, the 61-year-old heavy metal guitarist and solo artist who was a member of the bands Dio and Giuffria, is currently battling a mystery illness that has "baffled" his doctors and specialists, as he shared in a public Facebook post this week.

The illness is not life-threatening, Goldy explained. However, a biopsy apparently did help to close in on the cause, he said. Goldy first joined Dio, led by the late Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell singer Ronnie James Dio, in 1986. Goldy had several stints in the band until Dio's 2010 death, after which he continued to perform Dio material with the Dio Disciples.

"I've had a bit of a setback health-wise," Goldy says in his message from Monday (Dec. 26). "Nothing life threatening but no known cause and no known cure for just 1 of 4 things going on!"

He continues, "Everything happens for a reason and even bad things come with a benefit! The reason and benefit [are] much more clear than what's going on (a story for another time) that has baffled 6 doctors and specialists... They don't know what it is either."

Goldy adds, "But through a biopsy, the one became known because … my symptoms … did not match anything in their database. I have a new doctor and am optimistic that this is the beginning of the end for all four!"

Read the musician's full post below. Loudwire wishes Goldy all the best in his recovery.

Craig Goldy Facebook Post - Dec. 26, 2022

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