Deep Purple's Roger Glover has heard the talk, but in a new interview with Rock Hard Greece, the bassist reveals that rumors of a reunion with onetime guitarist Ritchie Blackmore are unfounded.

When asked if there was a chance that Blackmore would be returning, the bassist countered, "Not a chance. The rumors don't come from us, that's for sure. I mean, why on earth would we do that? I have the utmost regard for Ritchie as part of the band, and he was obviously an integral part of the band and what the band has become. But that's moving backwards. We don't move backwards; we move forwards."

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In fact, not only does it not appear that Blackmore won't be returning, but it looks as though Glover would prefer things remain status quo for the band until they decide to retire from touring.

When proposed the idea of several Deep Purple alumni returning for a final performance, Glover shared his ideal way for the band to end their touring career, one which comes with little fanfare.

"I've never liked that idea. In fact, I don't even like the idea of announcing the last show: 'And here they are. This is their last show.' I mean, the stress involved in that would be ridiculous. Where would it be? When would it be," pondered Glover. "For me, the ideal ending for Purple is that we just carry on until it stops. No announcement. We're not gonna announce, 'This is the last one.' People would buy tickets: 'Oh, this is the last one.' It's an exercise in making money. It's not very good. I've never liked it. I'd rather go and play and play and play and play, and one day when something happens and one of us drops dead or gets really ill or whatever, [we say], 'Well, that's that.' And leave it at that."

At present, there's no sign of Deep Purple winding things down. The band has a major European tour booked for later this month, kicking off June 8 in Solvesborg, Sweden and continuing through a July 22 finale in Zvolenska Slatina, Slovakia. See all their scheduled dates and get ticketing info here.

Deep Purple's Roger Glover Speaks With Rock Hard Greece

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