Death-grind band Earthburner are not entirely new, but their lineup is, now comprised of members of new and classic extreme metal bands.

Originally formed in 2001, featuring guitarist Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope), drummer Mike Miczek (Broken Hope, The Atlas Moth) and vocalist Ryan Richard (Everything Must Die), the group issued an EP in 2016, which apparently featured recordings dating back to 2012, hence the title 2012 — 3-Song EP.

Now, both Wagner and Miczek remain, bringing on board Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris, Sanguisugabogg vocalist Devin Swank and Gloryhole Guilltone bassist Tyler Affinito (who is also Wagner's stepson).

Earthburner members shared photos from the recording sessions on Instagram, revealing they're working with Emmy-winning/Grammy-nominated composer and producer Tommy McWilliams in the legendary Criteria Studios in Miamia, Florida, which is where Fleetwood Mac recorded Rumours and Black Sabbath recorded Heaven and Hell.

Here, Wagner (who last released Broken Hope's Mutilated and Assimilated in 2017) is pictured with Harris, who, while still a member of Napalm Death, has not toured with the band since 2014 in order to care for his ailing parents.

Swank, the frontman for Sanguigugabogg, the Ohio death metal group that just dropped their second album, Homicidal Ecstasy, earlier this year, is also delighted to be working with the grindcore legend, shared a photo from the recording sessions.

Swank uploaded three more photos in a follow-up post. "Can't wait to show you what we're cooking up and it's only just begun," he writes.

Affinito, meanwhile, served up some photos from the studio floor, calling it an "unbelievable experience."

Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming album!

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