Falling in Reverse are finally back with new music, dropping the super heavy new song "Ronald" featuring guest turns from Slaughter to Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible and rap-rocker Tech N9ne.

Things have been relatively quiet since singer Ronnie Radke's X account was deleted back in late February. Radke had been one of the more interesting follows on the site, often engaging in viral conversations and at times beefing with other peers in the music industry as well as some of the followers on his social media account.

As for the new song, it's a full on hard-hitting banger! Ronnie Radke is on fire with a brutal, in-your-face rocker that's accentuated by the heavy additions of Alex Terrible and the rapid-fire raps of Tech N9ne.

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Take a listen to Falling in Reverse's "Ronald" and check out the lyrics below.

Falling in Reverse Featuring Alex Terrible + Tech N9ne, "Ronald"

Falling in Reverse, "Ronald" Lyrics

Once upon a time, everything was alright
I used to feel safe, not a worry in sight
Then I grew up, quickly realized The world is a fucked up place sometimes
Death is at your door Reaching in from the other side
It's time to cut the cord

Hangin' on like a parasite (Go!)

Don't hesitate, you're hangin' on for your life
Don't hesitate, you're reachin' out for the light
Walking on a razor's edge
My blood runs black,
I'm not your friend

Pull from the depths of the thirty -six chambers (Ah!)
pull the trigger
Give a bullet to a stranger
Pull from the depths of the thirty -six chambers
pull the trigger
Give a bullet to a stranger
I don't wanna die
But I'm not gonna live
In a place so cold in a world like this
Crucify me
It’s blasphemy
Throw me in the fire
Let me burn for eternity
Burn for eternity
Burn for eternity
I will never be the one
That’ll ever back down
Never turn around and run Never, never, never back down

Deep into the trench of a place unknown
Lies a dead man clutched to the bottom of a throne
At the bottom of a hole that nobody wants to go
It's the devil that you know that's gotta hold up on your wicked soul
When there summin' your mind
and you're thinkin' the devil is makin' the crime
And the people are evil
and never no demon designer
The opposite of a divine? No!
The hell is in front of you, side and behind?
I can feel every sign of a human decline
I'm believin' the time is upon us when all of our people are blind!
Red rain, saw it fallin' from a tower's dead plane
Head bang, Mandalay Bay Hotel on a lead cane
Sex change could get you caught up in death's reign
She played sane but really imitating Ed Gein
How did we get this way? Negative shit to say when we get this way
Havin' a fit today
So they wanna make a bitch decay
My son's mom went gone I was really wrong
I thought I was gone
I vomit so shame for my son
But I didn't go John Muhammad
So the devil's right here
On this level wide tier
That’s cuz when rebels ready to pop the heavy metal I fear
Abomination, babin' Fakin'
Consecration Hatin' Wastin' education
Got the killer, wanna kill ‘em gotta chase em’

Spiraling out of control
And deeper down the rabbit hole

What's Next From Falling in Reverse?

In addition to dropping a new song, the band has announced that their next album will be titled Popular Monster. That's the same name as their 2019 hit single. The album is due July 26 through Epitaph Records.

In addition, the band will be hitting the road for a major late summer / early fall tour that features Dance Gavin Dance, Black Veil Brides, Tech N9ne, Jeris Johnson and Nathan James. The "Popular Mons Tour II" tour gets underway Aug. 18 in Nampa, Idaho and runs through Sept. 26 in Los Angeles.

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