These are the final tours from rock and metal bands that didn't end up being final, as well as the farewell tours that actually were farewell tours.

We all know a few bands that spring to mind when one thinks of a group that announced their impending demise with a supposed farewell tour, only for that same band to come back later with more shows.

Should those attending advertised "final" shows feel a duped once the band returns? And how can a group be trusted when they say they're embarking on a final tour if they've already done a farewell tour already?

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Either way, it's happened both ways numerous times, as we've collected for you here — bands that lived up to the "final tour" promise, and bands that later decided that they'd like to play more concerts, even though they did a farewell tour in the past.

Have you ever attened a final show or a farewell tour by a rock or metal band? If so, did that band ever come back with more shows after their supposed curtain call?

Keep reading below to learn about the rock and metal final tours that weren't final, and the rock and metal farewell tours that actually were the end.

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