Dolly Parton continues to pick top name talent for her first ever rock album, with Motley Crue guitarist John 5 being the latest to team up with the country icon and freshly minted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

While little is known about their collaboration at this point, John 5 has confirmed that he recently played guitar on a song for Parton. "I am so honored that I got the opportunity to play guitar on one of the songs on the upcoming Dolly Parton album," says 5. "I‘ve been listening to Dolly ever since I can remember… words cannot describe how exciting this is.”

Parton made headlines last year when she initially declined nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, fearing that she hadn't "earned that right" given that her background was primarily in country music. But after the Rock Hall did not accept her resignation and Dolly learned more about the qualifications and the voting process, she decided to accept.

But, in going into the Rock Hall, Parton revealed that if she was to be inducted into the Rock Hall, she would make a rock album that she'd long considered doing. When the ceremony came around, Parton, dressed in leather like fellow nominee Rob Halford, debuted an original rock song called "Rockin'" about her journey to rock.

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John 5 Isn't the Only Motley Crue Member on Dolly's Rock Record

Back in March, Nikki Sixx tweeted that he played bass on a Dolly Parton song, though not offering any further details as to whether it was a cover or an original track. Sixx tweeted just last week that both he and John 5 had been in the studio together "writing random riffs," and while it could be easy to connect the Motley Crue dots, the pair could also be working on music outside of their current band.

What Else Do We Know About Dolly Parton's Rock Record?

Dolly has shared a few more details on her own. She confirming that former Journey vocalist Steve Perry would sing on it. She has also expressed her desire to reunite Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for a new rendition of "Stairway to Heaven," which she plans to cover among a few other tracks, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" and Prince's "Purple Rain." At present, there has not been a firm release date announced.

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