Alexisonfire and Kim Dracula were the openers for the first leg of Avenged Sevenfold's 2023 North American tour, and Falling in Reverse will support the group on their upcoming second leg that starts next month. There are a few other artists frontman M. Shadows would like to open for them, though, according to a recent post on social media.

Metal and rock giants Metallica and Guns N' Roses both kicked off their respective North American tours this past weekend, and Shadows took to social media to praise some of the supporting artists on both of them.

"Pantera opening for Metallica and Carrie Underwood opening for Guns N Roses are both pretty epic in different ways. Love ta see it," the vocalist wrote in a post on Aug. 7.

Someone responded to Shadows' statement asking which artists he would choose to open for Avenged that haven't already, if he had the option to pick anyone in the world. Needless to say, his selections were quite diverse stylistically.

"Die Antwoord, 100 Gecs, Knocked Loose, Little Big... is my personal list," the frontman replied.

Of those choices, Knocked Loose is probably the least surprising, but Shadows' followers seemed to support his list regardless of the genre differences.

"I would freak the f out if any of those happend! Holymotherofomg would that be sick!!!" someone wrote, while someone else suggested that both Knocked Loose and Spiritbox would make a great duo of openers.

It does seem that Shadows at least had a say in choosing Falling in Reverse to open for Avenged throughout 2023. Back in February, the frontman expressed his public support for Ronnie Radke, urging everyone on social media to "pay attention" to him whether they like him as an individual or not.

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"You gotta pay attention to what Ronnie Radke is doing. Love or hate him. Releases singles. Everything feels thought out and important. Fan base engaged. Old heads hate it. Kudos for sticking to the vision. Also to Brett Gurewitz for the support," Shadows wrote.

Shortly after, Falling in Reverse were announced as one of the opening acts for Avenged two one-off shows in New York and Los Angeles, alongside Pussy Riot. A few weeks later, they were announced as one of the opener for their fall 2023 tour.

See the upcoming list of dates here.

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