Here are the most played songs live from 25 of nu-metal's biggest bands.

Get those JNCO jeans and chain wallets out of storage, we've got nu-metal shows to discuss. With nu-metal seemingly enjoying a resurgence, we decided to scour the tour archives at just to see what three songs our nu-metal heroes have played the most throughout their careers.

In a majority of cases, you'll find the biggest hits on top, but that's not true over every band on this list.

Would it surprise you to know that not a song from System of a Down's Toxicity is even in their Top 3 most played live?

And might it surprise you to find that in a career of hits, Papa Roach's second most performed song didn't even crack the Top 10 at Alternative or Mainstream Rock radio?

Those are just a couple of the findings as we dig into the performance stats of 25 of Nu-Metal's biggest bands.

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So take a quick gander to see who has been playing what for audiences the most frequently, and perhaps if you catch any of these nu-metal bands on the road over the next year or so, they'll continue to add to those statistics.

The Most Played Live Songs by 25 Nu-Metal Bands

It's all about that nu live.

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

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