The 1970s were quite a wild time for rock and metal, as it was the decade that really saw the genres branch out and go mainstream. However, those 10 years had nothing on the '80s.

Early on in the decade, we saw the development of a few subgenres that would go on to rule the next few years — thrash and hair metal. Each had their own culture, their own fashion, their own fanbase and their own share of chaos and destruction. But those aren't the only areas of heavy music that had shocking and controversial moments.

Ozzy Osbourne was out of Black Sabbath and pursuing his own solo career, one full of many, many surprises and doses of mayhem. Two blues rock powerhouses of the '70s, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, were lost members in tragic ways, but followed separate paths in terms of moving on from the losses. A couple of really catastrophic car accidents changed the careers of two hair metal bands forever. The PMRC tried to declare war on rock 'n' roll, and sort of won, though the music didn't go down without a fight.

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We compiled a list of some of the most shocking moments that happened within the rock and metal world during the '80s, and listed them chronologically below. There was a lot of good music that came out in those 10 years, but a lot of good music is inspired by a lot of not good things. Keep reading to learn more.

The Most Shocking Rock + Metal Moments of the '80s

The wildest moments of the '80s.

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