Not everything always goes according to plan. But it's some of those potentially disastrous moments during a show that somehow humanize our favorite rock stars more than ever and make us love them all the more. Such was the case Thursday (July 6) when Paramore's Hayley Williams recovered quite nicely after an onstage gaffe left her without a microphone mid-song during her performance of "The Only Exception."

The emotionally-charged song typically yields a strong response from Paramore's audience, and Hayley needed that energy after inadvertently sending her mic stand, with the mic still in it, tumbling off the front of the stage.

As seen in the fan-shared video below, the singer was building the momentum to a key part of the song when she stepped away from the microphone at the front of the stage. But what she didn't realize is that she was so close the front that the microphone stand was not completely sat upon the stage, making it unstable and ready for a tumble as she turned back toward the drums and spun along with the music, making a visibly humorous "oh" face upon realizing the mic had fallen.

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After pointing out the gaffe and sharing a quick laugh with Taylor York, Hayley rallied her fans to sing the song's chorus until she was able to retrieve the microphone and stand from the photo pit in front of the stage, eventually picking things up again when it was certain the mic was plugged back in.

Get a closer look at the blooper, which actually still turned out quite well, as shared on social media by fan @aleonelfilm on Twitter.

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Paramore continue their touring support of the This Is Why album with dates in Fort Worth and Austin, Texas this weekend. Their current North American tour leg continues through an Aug. 2 finale in St. Paul, Minnesota. After some time off the road in the early fall, they'll finish out the year with dates in Australia in November.

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