When you think of bands that have had a lot of different members, Megadeth surely have to come to mind. There've been over 20 musicians that have played in the band, so we rounded up a gallery of (almost) all of them.

Fate had a helping hand in the formation of Megadeth. If Dave Mustaine had never been fired from Metallica in 1983, then he never would have founded Megadeth, which became another pivotal band in the 1980s thrash scene. David Ellefson joined on bass shortly after, and remained in the group until Mustaine disbanded it in 2002 after sustaining an injury to his arm that rendered him unable to play guitar.

Ellefson returned again in 2010, but was let go in 2021 while they were working on their latest release The Sick, The Dying... and the Dead!

Aside from Mustaine and Ellefson, Megadeth had a revolving cast of musicians throughout its existence. We compiled a gallery of them below, and listed them in chronological order from when they first joined. The years they were in the band are listed next to their names, since some later returned to the group.

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Please note that we couldn't find images for some of the musicians credited as having been in the band. Therefore, the list is missing some of the groups early members, such as Greg Handevidt and Dijon Carruthers. We also didn't include photos of any session musicians, as they weren't actual members of the band aside from their recorded contributions.

Scroll below to see the rest of them.

Here's (Almost) Every Musician Who's Been in Megadeth

Here's nearly every musician that's been an official member of Megadeth.

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Schaffner

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