It's mind-boggling just how far many myths and urban legends about rock stars traveled by word of mouth before the pervasiveness of the internet we now know.

Sure, rock music myths and rumors still get passed around orally today. But back when the schoolyard was our only source of outsized ritual knowledge, secondhand tales from the rock world often would take strange twists. And we could only trust our narrator at their word.

You might already be thinking of your favorite rock star urban legend from back at the playground — maybe even one you continued to spread yourself. Did Keith Richards really get all of his blood exchanged for new blood to beat drug addiction? Was the band name KISS really an acronym for Knights in Satan's Service? Did Rod Stewart really, um…

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Of course, there are plenty from more modern rock stars, too. But we're leaving out the legends that in some odd way turned out to be true, like when Ozzy Osbourne bit into a bat onstage. We're also excluding the more folkloric legends that are simply too steeped in mystery to properly lay bare, such as Robert Johnson at the crossroads or something like that.

Are you ready? Scroll down below to read the list of rock 'n' roll legends and myths that got debunked. Isn't the internet great?

10 Rock Music Myths + Urban Legends That Were Debunked

What's your favorite rock music myth or urban legend that you picked up by word of mouth? Did you believe it when you first heard it? And when did you learn it wasn't true? Here are 10 of the most pervasive rock music legends and myths all rounded up for you in a nice little list. Check it out.

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Has time been kind?

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