Urban legends and myths about rock stars abound. Some end up being true; some don't. Some are hard to prove either way. But they are almost always interesting or entertaining — especially the true ones.

Do you have a favorite tall tale about a famous rocker? And do you know if it's true? Because it's the true ones that are the most captivating since they happened in real life.

They may not sound true, but they really are.

However, as previously covered by Loudwire, plenty rock legends eventually get debunked: No, The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards didn't beat drugs by having all the blood in his body swapped out.

But he did actually snort his father's ashes, didn't he?

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For another debunked example, Alice Cooper didn't really bite the head off of a chicken during an early gig by his eponymous band. But didn't Ozzy Osbourne actually bite the head off a bat during one of his shows?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. And that's what we're here to talk about today — rock 'n' roll myths and urban legends that actually turned out to be true. As you will see, the following larger-than-life stories all have a firm basis in reality.

Keep scrolling to learn about the unbelievably true stories of rock stars. Underneath the list, find an illuminating database of the most streamed Spotify deep cuts by 50 different rock bands.

Rock Music Myths + Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True

There are many myths and urban legends in rock music that eventually get debunked. However, several tall tales from the rock sphere are actually verifiably true. Here are some of the ones that we know. (Plus one that may be true but is technically unproven.)

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