Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green is evidently trying to convince his bandmates in the long-running metal band to include a ballad on their next record.

And he's getting encouragement from his friend in music, Toby Morse. The pair recently discussed the possibility on Morse's One Life One Chance.

Green, who's fronted Sepultura since supplanting Sepultura co-founder Max Cavalera in 1996, frequently acts as guest host on One Life One Chance. On the podcast last week, talk turned to a probable Sepultura ballad during a chat with Parkway Drive's Winston McCall.

Listen to the episode near the bottom of this post.

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"I think Derrick should do a ballad on the next Sepultura," Morse says during the April 3 interview, echoing the sentiment the host and H20 vocalist has expressed in previous episodes. "I'm pushing for a ballad on one of the next Sepultura records," he reiterates.

Derrick Green, balladeer? "I'm still working on it, man," Green responds. And McCall told the Sepultura vocalist that he has the voice for it.

Will There Really Be a Sepultura Ballad?

Praising Parkway Drive's creative evolution displayed on their 2015 album, Ire, Morse relays, "I love when bands do change it up and do change their style."

The host adds, "Bands get stuck in that touring cycle like, We're going to tour for two years or a year. Then we make a record. Then we do a single. You start making the shit over and over — it gets boring. You're the same band over and over."

As for Sepultura — and any band progressing artistically — Green explains, "The band are artists, and for artists to expand and to grow, you need to evolve and step outside of the box. And that is super important. It's scary. But I think people believe in that step when you do it, when you believe in it."

The three also discussed metal bands that successfully released ballads, singling out Metallica's "One."

Sepultura's latest studio album, Quadra, emerged in 2020. The band's collaborative SepulQuarta project followed in 2021. This year, Sepultura head out on tour with Kreator in North America through the spring and summer. Get Sepultura concert tickets here.

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Parkway Drive's Winston McCall on One Life One Chance With Toby Morse - April 3

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