There's a nu-metal band named Silly Goose lighting up the scene right now, playing shows wherever they feel like. McDonald's, Subway and a gated community have all fallen victim to the Goose's rebel antics and they've even been following some high profile bands on tour and playing short sets in the parking lot after the show.

First, who are Silly Goose and where are they from?

They're a nu-metal/rap-rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia and they released their first album, The Streets Heard It First, last year, with an EP, The Goose Is Out of the Bag, arriving one year earlier.

You may also remember them as the band who raided the Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival parking lot and got added to the bill. But there's a lot more happening than that one guerrilla event.

The band is a threat to play seemingly anywhere at anytime, so long as they can reach the destination with their trailer and generator in tow, which is where they play some of their gigs from. Obviously they're not backing that thing up through the front door of a nearby fast food joint.

Oh, and they say they all quit their jobs to pursue this and get by off merch sales in the parking lot and online. "We have no label/management and everything we do is funded by us," Silly Goose boast.

Where have they played and is there footage?

They're tour in support of The Streets Heard It First is ongoing through May 10 where Silly Goose will be playing a mix of venues and street shows. There's a note indicating the street shows will take place outside of the venue after a band's show ends. On this run, fans attending certain Highly Suspect, Spiritbox or Badflower may see the Goose in the parking lot afterward.

Earlier this week, Silly Goose tore up a Subway location and one customer looked as confused as he was annoyed. The clip even caught the attention of Falling in Reverse's Ronnie Radke, who commented, "I love this shit hahaha."

Here, a parking lot set after a Badflower show in Denver, Colorado takes place and there's a whole crowd of people screaming along to the Silly Goose song "Show Up At Your House."

in July of last year, McDonald's felt the full force of Silly Goose.

And if you thought you were safe from marauding rap-rockers at a BP gas station, there's a chance you weren't while at the pump back in August.

Surely a gated community would be able to keep Silly Goose at bay, right?


They even claim to have woken up the neighborhood with an earlier-than-marquee-time set.

And what tour such as this one could ever be complete without an old-fashioned house show? It's not quite the same as scaling a lighting rig at a festival and falling a couple stories down into the outstretched arms of the crowd, but jumping off the banister from the top of the stairs is a fair consolation.

So, they've been following Highly Suspect around... what does "Terrible" Johnny Stevens think?

He thinks it's sick.

"In this day and age, just to fucking do it and get in a van, they're all about it. They come to every show, they get in the parking lot when are fans are leaving, they throw down for three or four songs, get the fuck out of there before the cops show up," the singer says in an interview clip shared by Silly Goose, "It's the most punk rock thing I've seen in a while."

Highly Suspect even invited the members of Silly Goose to shoot confetti from the stage during the show inside the venue.

I want to support Silly Goose! Where can I buy merch?

You can buy merch and sign up for their email newsletter right here. Follow Silly Goose on Instagram and listen to them on Spotify.

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