Six Feet Under vocalist and longtime proponent of marijuana use Chris Barnes has revealed that, as of a year-and-a-half ago, he has stopped smoking weed. He's given up alcohol as well.

Not only has Barnes been an outspoken advocate of marijuana use, it's been largely entangled with Six Feet Under's music and branding. The song "4:20" off Warpath is an obvious salute to the leafy plant, opening with the lyrics, "Sit back and hold your breath / Just let nature take effect."

Six Feet Under, "4:20"

The band's old website was even and the Six Feet Under Reddit thread is titled r/SFU420 in reflection of the band's former web address.

"Cannabis has been my best friend for my entire life, pretty much. So, everything I create and do is with the use of medicinal and spiritual use of cannabis," Barnes told radio host Full Metal Jackie back in 2017.

So, why the big change?

Why Chris Barnes Stopped Smoking Weed

In an interview to promote Six Feet Under's forthcoming album, Killing for Revenge (more details below), Barnes spoke with This Day In Metal.

When asked about how his marijuana use impacts his creativity and the songwriting process, the 56-year-old vocalist explains that smoking weed is a thing of the past.

"I don't smoke cannabis anymore. I haven't for about a year and a half," Barnes says, "But, previously, I would use it in all aspects of my daily life. It was a wonderful meditative tool to use to write lyrics to, of course. I enjoyed that a lot."

Pressed about any factors that drove this lifestyle change, the Six Feet Under frontman replies, "No, it's actually beneficial to your health, so I wouldn't say that was any part of it. It was just, I guess, something I just wanted to do personally. [It's been] year and a half [of] no cannabis, no alcohol. So it's kind of changed gears a little in my life."

Listen to the full podcast below.

Chris Barnes on This Day in Metal Podcast

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Six Feet Under's New Album Killing For Revenge

On May 10, Six Feet Under will release their 14th album, Killing For Revenge, on Metal Blade.

Listen to the first single, "Know-Nothing Ingrate," directly below and view the album art and track listing beneath the video.

Get your copy of Six Feet Under's Killing for Revenge here.

Six Feet Under, "Know-Nothing Ingrate"

Six Feet Under, Killing For Revenge Album Art + Track Listing

Six Feet Under, 'Killing for Revenge' album cover, monochromatic red color scheme, drawing of severed heads stitched together vertically along a plank
Metal Blade

01. "Know-Nothing Ingrate"
02. "Accomplice To Evil Deeds"
03. "Ascension"
04. "When The Moon Goes Down In Blood"
05. "Hostility Against Mankind"
06. "Compulsive"
07. "Fit Of Carnage"
08. "Neanderthal" (Guest Lead Guitar Solo - Jason Suecof)
09. "Judgement Day"
10. "Bestial Savagery"
11. "Mass Casualty Murdercide"
13. "Spoils Of War"
13. "Hair Of The Dog" (Nazareth cover, CD and digital only)

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