A new Spotify tool will let you turn all of your twisted ideas into playlists.

We say "twisted" because we see some of the things you all say online. No judgement here, though!

The concept follows the success of some of Spotify's other features, including Daylists, which curate playlists to fit your different moods based on your recent listening habits.

The new one, dubbed AI Playlist, is exactly what it sounds like, except users get to write an idea into a chat box, and then AI works its magic and creates a playlist based on what was written.

Spotify's new blog post about the tool states that subscribers can write "prompts that reference places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, even emojis." AI, in turn, will generate a playlist that combines different moods and genres.

How to Use Spotify's AI Playlist

The tool is still in beta, according to Spotify's post, so it's currently only available to premium subscribers in Australia and the U.K.

To access it, open the Spotify app on your mobile device, go to the "Your Library" tab, press the "+" icon and then AI Playlist.

From there, you can either select one of their suggested prompts or experiment with one of your own. They encourage you to get creative, and while their prompt examples include “sad music for painting dying flowers” and “tracks for horse riding into the sunset," we know metalheads have the power to get really weird with it.

Once AI creates the playlist, you can modify it. You can add or remove tracks, ask it to add more of a particular style and even slow or speed up the overall tempo. The possibilities seem to be endless, which is a bit scary, but fun nonetheless.

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Spotify's New AI Playlist Tool

Spotify AI Playlist Prompt Examples

Here are some other examples of creative prompts for AI playlist, written both by Spotify and our very own staff.

  • “An indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug." - Spotify
  • “Relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season.” - Spotify
  • “A playlist that makes me feel like the main character.” - Spotify
  • “A death metal playlist that makes me feel like someone is jackhammering my skull to make me one with the pavement.” - Loudwire
  • "An emo playlist that makes me feel like I got dumped right after getting picked last in gym." - Loudwire
  • "A playlist of deep cuts by classic rock bands that only my dad would know." - Loudwire
  • "An '80s hair metal playlist, but if you include ballads I'm canceling my monthly subscription." - Loudwire
  • "A black metal playlist that will make normal people think they're being tortured by Satan." - Loudwire

...you get the point. What deranged playlists would you have Spotify make for you?

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