We've all had the argument before about how to properly pronounce Whataburger, right? Well, I can assure you that what you're about to see is indeed a true "water burger" and it's confusing the hell out of Texans everywhere!

I know that everyone has their own favorite recipe when it comes to making burgers at home. Some even has secret recipes that they won't let you in on! Sure, a fast food burger or a diner burger is delicious, but sometimes a homemade burger sure hits the spot. My favorite way of making them at home is on a cast iron skillet!

Hot sausage patties cooking in a black cast iron skillet on a stove top.

But I have to admit that this recipe took me for a loop, and now some Whataburger fans are confused as well!

It all started when TikTok user @joshandmomma uploaded their "water burger" recipe- no, not Whataburger, and no, this isn't a case of mispronunciation, they really mean a "water burger". I'll let them explain.

As you can see, the burgers are made in water! And apparently when it floats it's done?

Okay, the end result was indeed a burger, a welfare burger at that! I have to admit that it doesn't look too bad, I would eat it.

However, Whataburger fans thought that she was actually going to make a copycat Whataburger recipe!

Taking Whataburger to a different level.

Would you make your burgers this way?

The video itself has garnered over one million likes, and while most of the comments are roasting the recipe, there are others would say they're willing to try it! I certainly wouldn't turn it down!

Whataburger Fan's Replies to Pronunciation Tweet

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