January is National Blood Donor Month and the OBI (Oklahoma Blood Institute) could use your help to replenish S.W. Oklahoma's blood supply. The OBI is in desperate need of blood and plasma donors. We're facing a community, state and even National blood shortage. The supply faces constant need and requires replenishing regularly. Blood and blood products have a shelf life and are perishable. Meaning if blood donors don't donate, the supply runs out. So if possible do your part and donate blood today!

The need for blood is great and it's uses in various medical applications are invaluable. From life saving transfusions in emergency situations, surgeries of all types, cancer treatments and more. By donating you're literally helping to save a life, possibly a friend, family member or neighbor.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and all it's brought in the way of self-quarantining, shelter in place orders, closures, cancellations, unemployment plus the general fear of just getting out and about has all added up to reduce the blood supply. Now is the time to donate. The OBI is located at 211 S.W. A Avenue in downtown Lawton, OK. You can drop in, or make an appointment call: (580)-350-6100 or visit the official website at www.obi.org for hours and details. It's completely safe and they're following all the required safety and health protocols such as face masks, social distancing and sanitation.

The OBI will also provide FREE COVID-19 antibody testing to all donors 18 years of age or older. The OBI are the first in the state to offer antibody screening and you can get your results 48 to 72 hours. Get all the details at the OBI official website.

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