Jared Leto's ideas for what Thirty Seconds to Mars represents has always been a conceptually vast space. He's continuing this with a new documentary A Day in the Life of America, as part of the band's upcoming album.

The documentary is going to be comprised of footage from fans shot on July 4 as well as camera crews, who will record video events on the day and decide exactly what "a day in the life of America" means to them specifically. The idea sprang from Leto's fascination with National Geographic as a kid, specifically their A Day in the Life book, which consisted of hundreds of shots around America from a single day.

According to Billboard, Leto says, "It seemed like, both for myself and Thirty Seconds to Mars, an appropriate time to make the piece, and a really important time in our country to tell the story of who we are." The themes surrounding the band's upcoming album intersect with those they wish to explore with the documentary.

"I expect to be inspired, I expect to be challenged and provoked to disagree with footage that we receive," Leto says. "In order to show who we really are, we need to take a hard look at ourselves and not shy away from what’s uncomfortable or imperfect. Help us to create this beautiful portrait of our country."

Fans can submit their footage to this website up until midnight July 4, and you can read Leto's full message to fans below.

We are asking you to film what’s important, impactful, challenging or inspiring to you.

It can be a single shot, a person, an entire event, or a compelling story - we want to see your America in all its imperfect glory.

When shooting, please try to be as brave, bold and creative as possible. The most compelling footage will be what makes it into the final portrait.

In addition, we would like you or your subject to look into the camera and answer the following questions.

-- What does America mean to you?

-- What does the American dream mean to you?

-- What is the state of the country today?

-- What are you afraid of?

-- What are your hopes and dreams?

-- If there is anything else that you have the desire to say or share, please feel free.

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