At Thirty Seconds to Mars' Dec. 6 show in Sacramento, California, frontman Jared Leto stopped the show mid-song to call out security guards whom he felt were being too aggressive with one fan.

"Security, settle down, security! Turn the lights up, turn the lights up. You do not need to take that guy down. You guys are being too aggressive tonight," Leto says in the video below, acquired by TMZ (seen below). "Guys, turn the lights up, turn the lights up, turn the lights up, turn the lights up I said," he demanded.

"Do not abuse this guy, okay? Relax, settle down, don't escalate the situation. That's fine but there's seven guys like on top of this guy. It's ridiculous," he continued, pausing for a moment before adding, "I know it's a funny thing - it happens when you get too many security guards in one building, there's always problems, there's always problems, guys. Settle down, just take care of each other, just take care of each other. The fucking drama..."

The band has wrapped up their touring for 2018 and will head to Europe next summer as they continue to support their new album, America. Shortly after the album's release in April, guitarist Tomo Miličević, who had been with them since 2003, announced his departure.

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