Odds are you’ve probably rolled your eyes more than a few times after hearing Jared Leto’s approach to playing the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad. We’ve talked here before about the actor’s refusal to break character and his uncomfortable gifts to his costars; what we should also remember is that Leto’s Joker seems to be the perfect version of that character for Zack Snyder and David Ayer's vision of the DC universe. If Leto’s take on the Joker proves the quiet optimists like me right, DC Films would do well to give audiences a chance to see Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jared Leto’s Joker in action.

And wouldn’t you know? This is a point that Leto and I absolutely agree on. In a recent interview with the Toronto Star (via Heroic Hollywood), Leto expressed his enthusiasm for playing the character again and his hope that the Joker might find his way into the next standalone Batman movie.

I could easily just play the Joker a couple more times and then retire … I think it would be incredible to see Batman and the Joker go head-to-head! This Batman and this Joker. I mean, I don’t know, that might be too much! But that would be fun.

What might this possible Batman v Joker: Dawn of Madness movie look like? We already know that the standalone Ben Affleck Batman movie might take place at Arkham Asylum; as we shared in that article, the most popular theory is that the film would borrow heavily from Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, where the Joker plays the part of demented master of ceremonies for prison-wide riot at Gotham’s infamous mental hospital. Morrison’s version of the Joker seems to line up well with what we’ve seen of Leto’s take on the character so far, straight down the wild hair and flowing trench coat.

One way or the other, by the end of this week we’ll know exactly what we have with Leto’s Joker and whether audience demand or box office success will lead to the ultimate showdown between Batman and his greatest enemy. One thing is for certain, though: there will be guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Suicide Squad opens Friday, August 5, in theaters everywhere.

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