One of the heartbreaking images on the news that we've seen since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began is the separation of families as many have fled the country while others stay behind to fight. Jinjer bassist Eugene Abdukhanov recently relayed he's been in a similar situation since the invasion started, sharing a photo of himself with his wife and sons that was taken a month ago, the last time he saw them in person.

Adukhanov joined with his band and their label Napalm Records earlier this month to launch two new T-shirts designed to raise funds for various charities in need to help out with food and medical supplies in Ukraine. That campaign has since gone on to raise over $140,000 in financial aid from over 11,000 T-shirts sold.

"Your support will not only help so many people in need but sends a much needed positive sign that they are not alone," stated the band earlier this week, adding, "The first donations totaling 10K have already been sent to a bomb shelter in Kyiv housing and protecting 300 people, and a Slovakian humanitarian convoy collecting urgent medical supplies, food and clothing to be delivered Uzhgorod for refugees from the Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions who have been hit hard since the war started."

Now posting to social media concerning his own well being, the campaign and his thoughts as the invasion continues, Abdukhanov spoke in a new social media posting.

"This is the last photo we took together before the Russian invasion started," stated the bassist, showing photos of him with his wife and children. "The most brutal, barbaric and horrible war in Europe since WWII, initiated by Putin, has been on for one month now. For one month I haven't been able to hug my most beloved ones, my wife Anna, my sons Danny and Roman, and honestly don't know when I will see them again."

"For one month we - people in Ukraine have been surrounded by fear, dread and suffering on one side and heroism and incredible unity on the other," he adds. "Being able to help people in need and being in touch with my family via video calls are the only source of relief now."

Offering an update on the T-shirt campaign, he continues, "I appreciate all of you for the support you are giving us and Ukraine. Sincerely, I still cannot believe how many donation T-shirts you ordered and how much money we managed to collect. We will be posting on stories about how exactly these funds are directed at people here in Ukraine. As far as I know the generator and fuel which we sent to Chernihiv the day before yesterday has already arrived and it is hard to overestimate how much people need it in the city which has no electricity for weeks now."

As of March 24, one full month after the Russian invasion started, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights verified 977 civilian deaths in Ukraine. Thousands of families have fled the country with the neighboring country of Poland reported to have taken in over 2.1 million people as of March 22.

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