After a legal spat and some public statements issued by both sides, longtime Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer is back in the saddle, rejoining the band behind the kit at their Las Vegas residency performance last night (Feb. 10).

An injury forced Kramer to miss some dates with Aerosmith in the spring of last year and issues persisted to the point where his drum tech, John Douglas, wound up filling in for longer than expected. Kramer was notably absent from the band late last year as the rockers remained committed to their Las Vegas residency shows.

Prior to Aerosmith's 2020 performance at the Grammys, the drummer filed a lawsuit against Aerosmith, who had voted not to let him back into the band after first making him audition to reclaim his spot. The group deemed he was not "able to play at an appropriate level" and opted to continue with Douglas for the time being.

In turn, Aerosmith issued an official statement, outlining the situation. It claimed they had worked with Kramer to get him back into the band, though the drummer himself did not feel he was back at the level of playing he should be at. Kramer then is said to have notified Aerosmith of his desired return at the "last moment" before the Grammys gig, noting the complications this brought on in regard to their rehearsal schedule.

A judge ruled Aerosmith had the right to perform without Kramer and video even surfaced, from the drummer, of him being denied entry to rehearsal by two security guards posted outside the building.

It appears that the issues between the band and Kramer have been sorted out and hopefully the drummer is here to stay.

Watch footage of Kramer's return to the band at the MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas.

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