Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has announced his first solo album under his Pluralone moniker since splitting with the ubiquitous funk-rock giants in 2019. It's called I Don't Feel Well, and the record's first single, "The Night Won't Scare Me," is available to stream right now.

The album is Klinghoffer's second outing as Pluralone. But the solo project's 2019 debut, To Be One With You, was issued just before the rocker's ousting from the Chili Peppers so that classic member John Frusciante could re-enter the group. Now, the ex-guitarist is making music of a different mindset.

"This is a wild time," Klinghoffer said of the forthcoming effort in a press release that emerged Tuesday (Sept. 22). "This album was made during and amongst some very new experiences. I hope it captures some of how it felt during this period. I'll feel better when this is behind us."

Listen to "The Night Won't Scare Me" and see the cover art and track listing for I Don't Feel Well down toward the bottom of this post.

To Rolling Stone, Klinghoffer further explained the meaning behind the song's lyrics. (As for the music, it's a sanguine number driven by a buzzy synth line, propulsive piano and the entertainer's yearning falsetto.)

"Obviously people won't know where these words are coming from specifically — I don't even know all the time — but this is a perfect combination of words from this past year, maybe year and a half," the musician said of the track's narrative thrust. "It speaks, albeit abstractly, to many things that have been going on."

He continued, "It also has, to me, a hopeful, yet annoyed sense to it, which I'd say is apt. It's hard not to be remarkably annoyed and irritated these days, yet, for some insane and inexplicable reason… I'm hopeful."

During his time with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Klinghoffer scored a documentary film about drug counselor Bob Forrest (Bob and the Monster) under his given name. As Pluralone, he's released a handful of standalone singles in addition to the previous full-length collection.

I Don't Feel Well arrives on Oct. 15 via Org Records. Pre-orders are available now.

Pluralone, "The Night Won't Scare Me"

Pluralone, I Don't Feel Well Artwork

This is the cover art for ex-RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer's Pluralone album 'I Don't Feel Well.'
Org Music

Pluralone, I Don't Feel Well Tracklist

1. "Red Don't Feel Well"
2. "The Night Won’t Scare Me"
3. "Carry"
4. "The Report"
5. "Steal Away"
6. "Mother Nature"
7. "Knowing You"
8. "Plank"
9. "Don't Have To"
10. "I Hear You"

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