Back when John Wick came out, it did its thing to achieve instant cult classic status. Not soon after, the videos of Keanu Reeves firearm training also flooded the web. It was a short ninety second clip of him accurately rolling through a competition stage at the legendary Taran Tactical range. Yeah, he was doing it with impressive speed for a firearms newbie, but his accuracy and dedication to learning his John Wick part was apparent.

Skip to the third chapter of John Wick... Keanu is back on the range, now a student of the gun, and rolling through different stages with the speed and combined accuracy of pro-shooters. It's impressive. Granted, Keanu Reeves has never fit the Hollywood stigma, but I wouldn't have pegged him for a veritable badass! Keanu also shows his true colors at the end of the video. As the camera pans around, you see this larger-than-life action star putting in that work with a broom cleaning up his own brass. In life, be a humble Keanu.

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