Covering Slipknot isn't an easy task to tackle, but the kids over at the O'Keefe Music Foundation aren't your average band. They've already taken on the .5 The Gray Chapter track "The Devil In I," and now they've moved on to All Hope Is Gone's "Psychosocial."

The video was recorded in a bar almost a full year ago in October 2019, back when being inside establishments was still a normal part of life. Anyway, the group is full of energy, headbanging around in circles. Two girls -- aged eight and nine -- even hit kegs with baseball bats, similar to how Shawn 'Clown' Crahan does onstage.

To bring it even closer to home, 17-year-old vocalist Kaden Karns is from Corey Taylor's hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, which he lived in prior to moving to Des Moines and forming Stone Sour. The connection is quite uncanny, especially considering Karns' vocal delivery is pretty spot-on.

Oh, and there's moshing too.

Check out the video below. The performers are:

Baseball Bat & Beer Keg Girl #1 / Taylor Campbell / Age 8
Baseball Bat & Beer Keg Girl #2 / Madelyn Ahlers / Age 9
Drums / Nate Tharp / Age 14 
Lead Guitar / Hunter Hallberg / Age 14
Bass / Jackson Toma / Age 15
Rhythm Guitar / Aiden Combs / Age 17
Vocals / Kaden Karns / Age 17 

The O'Keefe Music Foundation - "Psychosocial" (Slipknot Cover)

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