For Loudwire Podcast #26, we’ve got an exclusive interview with KISS legend Paul Stanley! In this podcast preview, Paul breaks down the massively anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

Just a few hours before KISS’ performance at Chicago Open Air, we went backstage to speak with the iconic Starchild. After asking if he feels any pressure to write a new KISS album, as it could possibly be the band’s final recording, Stanley mentioned that even the greatest boxing champions got knocked out towards the end. When it comes to KISS’ legacy, Stanley already feels it’s golden, regardless of how a potential final album is received by fans and critics.

With the Mayweather / McGregor world press tour in full insanity-mode, we couldn’t help but mention the possibility of Mayweather getting knocked out for the first time in his career. “I don’t think that’s going to happen,” says Stanley. “I think people are expecting more of a fight than they might get. You have to remember Floyd Mayweather is a fighter who knows how to punch and get away. The idea of them going toe-to-toe, I think, is a fantasy.”

Stanley continues, “The idea that they’re gonna go in and see who can knock the other out — I don’t think that’s in the cards, although I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody winds up on the mat.” Podcast co-host Graham Hartmann added that he didn’t foresee Floyd knocking Conor down, but Stanley pointed out a few rough nights McGregor has had in his career.

Check out this podcast preview in the clip above! Our full interview with Paul Stanley will be released July 28 via YouTube and iTunes.

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