Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch will dedicate some of his 2021 time to his other band, Love & Death. The musician just inked a new deal with Earache Records to put out the still untitled album next year.

Last year, Welch told Good Company that he was almost done recording the album, revealing that he had been working with Breaking Benjamin guitarist Jasen Rauch and that Lacey Sturm had sang on a cover song for the set. But no other details were released beyond the news that Earache would be releasing the forthcoming set.

Love & Death have been teasing that something new was afoot via their social media. Welch recently posed with guitarist JR Bareis via a photo and another post from September showed a microphone, drums and speakers all set up in a studio seemingly ready to record.

Love & Death released their debut full-length album, Between Here and Lost, back in 2013. The band would return with the stand-alone single "Lo Lamento" back in 2016.

Welch rejoined Korn in 2013 and the band have remained busy in the years since, which has limited the time for Love & Death. But the group appears ready for their next release in 2021.

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