Imagine your first metal concert is Korn. Now imagine that years later you get to open for them. That's the story of Mushroomhead co-vocalist Waylon Reavis, who is sharing his journey in the latest Korn Fan Video Testimonial shot by the Korn's videographer Sebastien Paquet and exclusively debuting here at Loudwire (watch above).

Reavis reveals in the video that growing up in the Bible Belt, metal was frowned upon, but he finally saw his first metal show in 1995 in Charlotte, N.C., and it was Korn as an opening act for Marilyn Manson and Danzig. "I didn't know what to expect," says Reavis. "Instantly Jonathan [Davis] and the boys walked out onstage and just blew my f---ing mind."

The future frontman met Davis and he recalls, "I remember asking Jonathan, 'If my band ever makes it, can I open up for you?' Nineteen years later, here we are and I'm actually opening up for Korn. I sent it out into the universe and it came right back to me. It took a little time, but it actually happened."

Mushroomhead played Australia on a bill that included Korn with Rob Zombie, thus bringing Reavis' journey full circle. The vocalist concludes, "[Jonathan] was a very, very big influence on my vocal style. And the emotion that Jonathan sings in his lyrics, you can really feel something. You can feel it's come from his soul. You can feel it's come from his heart and I've tried to implement that into my music as well throughout the years. If it hadn't been for Jonathan's style, I don't know if I would have been here."

Mushroomhead are now supporting their latest album, 'The Righteous and the Butterfly,' and Reavis is hoping to re-connect with Korn again.

Check out the clip featuring Mushroomhead's Waylon Reavis in the video above.

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