Korn. Pantera. Two huge metal acts that are very influential on the genre. But perhaps one wouldn't exist without the other?

Korn singer Jonathan Davis recently looked back on how Pantera being built "different" influenced his own band when they first started out in Bakersfield, California.

And unless you've been stuck in a black hole the past week, you've likely heard the music news that has broken the internet — Pantera reportedly "reuniting" in 2023.

Of course, some have taken issue with calling it a reunion since two founding members, the late Dimebag Darrell and late Vinnie Paul, aren't able to take part (Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante are filling in). Indeed, Pantera fans have been vocal about the reunion.

Earlier this year, Davis talked about his love for Pantera. He told Revolver about his fondness for their album Vulgar Display of Power. Speaking about the band's impact, Davis shared with the magazine that the music "hit me in the fucking chest."

Pantera "had the pretty stuff and then the heavy shit," Davis says. "It was so heavy and groovin'. I liked it. The only other band before that got me going like that was Helmet, you know? But that was more of a New York hardcore kind of thing."

He adds, "This was different."

The singer also recalled seeing Pantera live for the first time, long before Korn was dominating stages themselves. "[Korn bassist] Fieldy took me to Irvine Meadows," he says. "Pantera came out and I looked over and [he] was fucking crying. He was just like, 'That is the baddest shit I ever saw!' And I had just goosebumps all over my body. I was like, 'Holy shit, this is so badass.'"

In fact, Davis shares, Pantera's different take on metal was one of the approaches that inspired Korn to break out of the box with their own sound. He said that "Walk," "This Love" and "A New Level" were his favorite tracks off of Vulgar.

A few years ago, Davis took part in an all-star tribute to Vinnie Paul, nailing a cover of "Walk." So if Pantera want extra guest stars to pad out this reported tour, he'd be a great pick.

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