Kreator were born to crush. Over their 35 years of being a band, they have built up a fervently loyal fanbase all across the world, all united under the banner of epic sounding thrash metal. In the group's newest video, they salute their followers with the fittingly titled "Hail to the Hordes" off of their most recent album, Gods of Violence.

The video primarily takes place at a concert in their hometown of Essen, Germany which showed the band playing in front of an enormous crowd of fans. The song starts up with attendees throwing up the horns along to the beat that the band provides. Kreator blasts forth to heaviness, effortlessly ripping out their gargantuan riffs. Behind them are pictures of numerous fans with their faces lit up right next to the rest of the band, in a fitting performance for the track.

If you're digging the song, Kreator are releasing a limited edition Black Friday exclusive picture disc of "Hail to the Hordes." The record features the title track in question, as well as two previously unreleased songs, "Earth Under the Sword" and "Warrior Heart." It will be sold exclusively in local record stores, and to find your nearest participant you can check here.

The thrash metallers are going to make 2018 theirs with the help of Sabaton when the two bands embark on a co-headlining North American tour. It's going to crush for sure, and you can find out where they're playing here.

Watch "Hail to the Hordes" above.

Kreator "Hail to the Hordes" Picture Disc 

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