While there's no talk of an album yet, Lacey Sturm has just released her second song of 2021. "Awaken Love" is an atmospheric, string-backed ballad that you can hear in the player below.

Just as she co-wrote early 2021's "State of Me" with Skillet's Korey Cooper, the pair once again collaborated on this new track that explores the feelings of being immersed in the transcendent experience of perfect love.

“With lyrics, I go into a place where I try to hear what the song is about. I have to learn. The music tells you,” Lacey recalls about the writing process. “Sometimes there are lyrics that stir that up, and Korey already had some of that written.”

“Romance is a shadow of the divine,” the singer continues. “The shadow boxing of romance is really coming from the divine dance of God and humanity.”

Take a listen to "Awaken Love" in the player below and if you like what you hear, it's currently available via streaming platforms.

Lacey Sturm, "Awaken Love"

Courtesy of Lacey Sturm
Courtesy of Lacey Sturm

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