Yesterday (Aug. 3) was a big day for Randy Blythe, who finally got to set foot on American soil late in the afternoon. The Lamb of God vocalist has spent the better part of the last month in a Czech Republic jail after being accused of having a role in the death of a fan at a show in Prague in 2010.


The clearly relieved Blythe headed to his Instagram account with a photo and a message. In the picture, the singer posed with a fan named Lia, who made the effort to welcome him back to the U.S. at the airport and express her support for the singer after all he’s recently endured.

Blythe stated in the posting, which can be seen above, “I apologize for my absence. I had an unexpectedly lengthy layover in the Czech Republic. This lovely young woman named Lia came to the NYC airport just to say ‘Randy, I’m glad you’re home.’ WHAT A SWEETHEART! Her boyfriend Gary had to work so we called him on his cell. WE HAVE AWESOME FANS! How rad to be greeted by one for my layover in NYC- soon I’ll be home in RVA- thanks for your good thoughts & prayers- I’ll release a statement soon. Yee-haw and God bless the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!”

Even though his release was finally granted, Blythe says he has every intent of returning to the Czech Republic as he wants the opportunity to clear his name in court.

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