Lana Del Rey‘s musical abilities are a bit of a mystery. The sultry singer sounds pretty darn good on songs like ‘Video Games,’ which made her an internet sensation the second half of 2011. But her disastrously thin-voiced performance on’ Saturday Night Live’ suggested that her sound is just a studio creation. And while her debut album, ‘Born To Die,’ is selling well, critics have pretty much savaged it.

What isn’t in dispute is that the 25-year old, who until recently went by Lizzy Grant, posses the superficial qualities that men find alluring.

Lana shows of her sexiness with the help of some heavy eye makeup and an enormous diamond in the upcoming issue of Lovecat (which sounds like a porn mag for Thundercat fans).

Actually, Lana, or whoever you are, you should probably lose the intimidating stone. We were really into you when you were singing about video games but now it seems like our plan to seduce you with our mom’s minivan and our hook-up at the Olive Garden is just plain delusional.

[via Popcrush]