Tapei Houston -- the band featuring Myles and Layne Ulrich, the sons of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich -- played their first-ever show on Sept. 9 at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, California and shared a trio of video clips from their onstage debut.

This inaugural gig came less than a month after the Ulrich brothers announced the formation of their band, which finds Myles following his father's footsteps in playing drums while Layne rounds out the rhythm section on bass and also handles vocals.

Opening for Dylan Carlson, guitarist for drone pioneers Earth, Tapei Houston showcased their dynamic brand of garage rock alongside support act Not a Friend and DJ Dove Armitage.

The video clips uploaded to Instagram from the set at Alex's Bar match the style of music that the brothers have been progressing toward since they first issued a noisy, raucous cover of The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" in the spring of last year, followed by a pair of rehearsal clips last month.

In the videos, Layne utilizes foot pedals to help draw out a wide range of sounds from his bass, which fills the void left by the absence of guitar. There's quite a lot of push and pull to their overtly rhythmic approach and Layne's animated vocal stylings provide some lift as well, creating an aura of uncertainty as to where the song will head.

Tapei Houston's next show will be held on Sept. 15 at The Mint in Los Angeles with Left of the Slash, Zach Lewis and Nautical Front. Watch the performance clips from the duo's live debut directly below and follow Tapei Houston on Instagram.

Tapei Houston Play First Live Show

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