It's the middle of the work day and you still haven't got a costume picked out for Halloween tonight? With no time to go to the costume store here are some last minute costume ideas that you can find in your own closet or material around the house


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    Clark Kent

    A simple costume, you don't even need a full business suit for this one. Just a button up shirt, suit jacket (optional), suit pants, glasses and hair parted to the left. Don't forget some glasses and if you have Superman shirt, to wear it underneath the button up shirt. BAM insta-Clark Kent.

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    Warner Bros.

    Harry Potter in Muggle Attire

    For this a plain gray t-shirt, glasses, a wand or stick that resembles a wand, jeans, and a track jacket unzipped. Oh and don't forget to have a lightning bolt drawn on your forehead to show that you are 'The Boy Who Lived'

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    James Bond

    If you just so happen to have a tuxedo somewhere then why not be James Bond. Remember it's shaken not stirred.

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    A Tourist

    Sunglasses, a hat, flower shirt, maybe a phany pack and a camera. Looking lost and having a map will give you that extra boost. Simple and effective

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    Picture of Yourself

    Got a big picture frame around the house somewhere? If you do take it down, remove the photo and PRESTO! A life-size photo of you! You might get tired holding that frame around all night though.

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