The Oklahoma Arts Council recently announced in its monthly newsletter that Lawton will be the host site for the 2023 Oklahoma Arts Conference!

According to the newsletter, the Oklahoma Arts Conference began in 2007, and for the first time, Lawton is the host site of the biennial convening of the state's arts and cultural sector. The 2023 Oklahoma Arts Conference will take place October 17-19, 2023, here in Lawton. The purpose of the conference serves as an opportunity for networking and professional development for arts and cultural organizations across Oklahoma!

Various local arts and cultural nonprofits receive grant funding from the Oklahoma Arts Council, including Lawton Community Theatre, Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra, the City of Lawton's Arts and Humanities Division and many more. The Oklahoma Arts Council is the official state agency for the support and development of the arts in Oklahoma.

Here's what the Oklahoma Arts Council Assistant Director Molly O'Connor had to say about Lawton in the council's newsletter:

The Lawton community put together an excellent proposal to host the 2023 Oklahoma Arts Conference," O'Connor said. "The city has a strong core group of artists and individuals in their arts community who are eager to show off the many cultural assets of the area. We are delighted to partner with Lawton leadership as we begin putting together a memorable and invaluable experience for hundreds of Oklahomans who will travel here for the conference.

City of Lawton Arts and Humanities Administrator Jason Poudrier is one of two community co-chairs for the conference. In the council's newsletter he said: "The City of Lawton is beyond excited to host the 2023 Oklahoma Arts Conference and share with the rest of Oklahoma its beautiful heritage and culture exhibited through its burgeoning arts scene that is built upon collaboration of multiple nonprofit, municipalities, civic groups and organizations, and tribal governments. We welcome Oklahoma to witness the growth of arts and businesses in Lawton Fort Sill during the 2023 Oklahoma Arts Conference."

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