The Lawton City Council is considering more changes to our trash collection. They met in regular session this week to discuss amending some of the city codes and regulations when it comes to trash pick ups and disposal. Some of the changes would include fining people if they leave their trash carts on the curb past 8:00pm. Another proposed change would be making all house-side residential trash cart services available for the disabled only. Most of what was discussed included adding additional costs or fines to existing services. Most of the ordinances are already in place, but would now include fines.

In the end the council decided to table the discussion for six months then revisit it so more information can be shared with the general public. Click here to see some of the changes that are being considered. You could be facing additional costs and/or fines when it comes to loose trash, overfilled carts, un-bundled and un-sacked bulk trash or for cart relocation if you leave your trash cart on the curb past 8:00pm.

So after they changed everything to once a week trash pick up, which has been a total disaster by the way. Now they're talking increased prices and fines, brilliant! As you can imagine more than a few upset citizens had their say on this and expressed not only their concerns but frustrations to the city council. It's not the citizen's fault as to why Lawton has so much trash laying around. It's the council's fault for their shortsighted one a week trash pick up changes. They reduced services which equals more trash. Wait it gets better, you'll pay the same amount for your trash collection or better yet, even more. Isn't that awesome!

The whole cart relocation thing is a joke. They want to fine you $4.00 if you leave your cart on the curbside after 8:00pm. What about shift-work, over-time or any of the other viable excuses as to why it may still be curbside after the cut-off. So now someone will be driving around to write up fines and see if trash cans are on the curb. Here's a good idea why not let the same person who's checking the neighborhoods collect trash, or perform bulk pick ups at the same time. At least that way something constructive will be taking place.

They're saying this will help un-trash Lawton and beautify neighborhoods. I have a much better idea. Lets go back to twice a week trash pick up so there isn't garbage everywhere and piles of it on the curbs and yards waiting for bulk pick ups. There's more trash in town for sure and it's all the city council's fault. We didn't create this problem they did. But like always we'll end up having to pay for their mistakes.

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