As I'm sure you've noticed over the last few days, the internet has been a fickle mistress. I noticed it was much slower than usual here at the Downtown Z Studios on Thursday, but wrote it off as not that big of a difference from normal. It wasn't until I got home that I really began to notice shenanigans were afoot. Gifs wouldn't load at all on reddit, imgur videos were moving at the speed of smell, and my facebook feed was giving me all the same old status updates but in a different order. Here's the really strange thing about it though...

Having a random moment where the internet slows down isn't out of the ordinary, but to have the slowness continue was torture. So I popped open the speed test app to see if was just me or my web, everything seemed normal. Speed was 960mbps to the moden and 696mbps to my phone. So why couldn't I load anything? I opened my laptop, performed a different test and noticed while I had that hot, nasty web speed, I was losing little packets of information like crazy. Naturally, my next stop was social media. It was there I realized this is a much bigger problem.

Hundreds of people poured out their frustrations with our local internet provider. Some insist it has been persistent over the years, others admit it's usually pretty good, but everyone agreed Fidelity was running incredibly slow at that particular moment in time.

While it's kind of a first world problem and many people talk of how they can do without the internet, you have to admit, we depend so much on the web, without it, we're all kind of at a standstill... but on the bright side, everyone here at Townsquare Media was able to take an extra second lunch break because without the web, we can literally do nothing.

I understand people are upset, so am I. I pay money for a service, it had better work... but there's still no reason to go Full Karen. The poor techs in the field are probably working on the problem as fast as they can. The poor call-center reps are waiting on the field techs to fix everything, yelling at them won't do any good. Attitudes are contagious, if you stay positive, positive stuff will happen. All the same, if you didn't know, you could probably get a credit and a small price break if you call in and politely complain a little bit. Internet is cheap, their margins are huge, it's almost a given at this point. Good luck.

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