If you've been on the inter-webs lately, especially social media you've probably heard about this story. Evidently two students at LHS (Lawton High School) were arrested and suspended for not standing for the National Anthem. It's created a virtual s-storm as people begin to take sides and pound keyboards in protest. Like most stories there are two sides, maybe even more. Most people just read the headline then start raging.

So exactly what happened and what's the real story? Well, it's up for debate but the basics are this. Two students at LHS were at an assembly or prep rally when it came time to stand for the National Anthem they remained seated. At that time a teacher asked them to stand and they refused. Now this is where the story get hazy. Supposedly the teacher confronted them, became combative and a disturbance took place. It ended with the two students being arrested and suspended for the disturbance. That's one version of the story.

Afterwards it's being said that one of the students mothers took to social media with the story and somehow the Oklahoma ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) got involved. According to online rumors and somewhat, fairly reliable sources the ACLU sent a letter to LPS (Lawton Public Schools) Superintendent Kevin Hime to make him aware of the situation and asking him to reverse the suspension. Afterwards a statement came from LPS about the incident and they said no students were disciplined, suspended or arrested for not standing during the National Anthem. So what really happened and what's the whole story?

Were there any student arrested or suspended during the assembly or prep rally? If so why? According to those present several students remained seated during the National Anthem without issue, so why were these two supposedly arrested and suspended? Some are saying they got confrontational with the teacher and other staff during the incident and if they really were arrested or suspended it was due to that. Not for refusing to stand during the National Anthem. I guess we'll have to wait for the whole truth, whatever it is.

So was this a violation of their First Amendment rights, or something entirely different? Seems there's several different versions of this story and eventually the actual events of what took place will surface. While I personally disagree with not standing for the National Anthem a person certainly has the right to exercise their free speech either in protest, or to just not observe or participate. That's what the First Amendment is all about, agree or disagree that's why they're called rights and not privileges. So by all means use your right to free speech, just understand that same right also applies to me as well.

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