By Glenn Brennan

The Wolverines come into the 2014 season with high hopes. It is the embarking of new era for 6A football in Oklahoma. A new structure has been established and the Wolverines are going to be the favorites to take the 6A-2 state championship in its inaugural season.

Looking back at last year we can all say we were disappointed with an 11-1 mark making it the quarter finals losing to Westmoore 28-15. Led by Michael Warren, a D-1 choice of Iowa State finishing out the year with 2512 rushing yards on 268 carries. How can the Wolverines improve on these numbers?

Emerge Darryl Patterson, a young man that has mainly been seen on the defensive side of the ball. He is trouble for any QB that wants to throw his way. Not the most imposing of players standing 6’ tall and weighing in at 160, but he was in on 65 tackles 35 solo, and had 1 pick last year. This season his role will be double edged putting his 4/4 speed to task. He will be the starting RB for the Wolverines spread offensive. Last year in a fill position Darryl was able to accumulate 488 yards on 51 carries, not bad for a part time RB.

Calling the signals this year will be Jack Meservy. Jack has been around the Wolverines offense all his life. Now it is his turn to take the helm. Jack standing at 6’3” and 200 pounds can be an intimidating foe. He worked hard all summer attending QB camps up and down the east coast improving his arm strength and foot speed.

The Wolverines OL anchored by D-1 prospect Jalin Barnett will be hard for anyone to handle. The average weight is just under 305. However, this group of young men is not only massive in size they are also massive in brains; the cumulative GPA for the front six is an astounding 3.5.

Speed will be the key this year with Darryl Patterson, Mahlik Hanna, and Tre Curry at the running back all able to run 4/4 in the 40. Then you bring in the receiving corps, Kalin Sadler, Chris Bishop, Terrell Shaw, and Bryce Birt all able to run with the best of them.

On the defensive side of the ball we are anchored in the middle by Dewayne Doucette, at 6’ 281 he will plug the middle and make it impossible to break through the Wolverine DL. The linebackers for the Wolverines are all returning from last year. Matt Leon, Levi Cain, and Mahlik Hanna, will stop anything coming their way.

This year the opener is a six hour drive away in Salina, KS. September 5th we will bring you all the action right here on your one and only Wolverine station Z94. Your voice of the Lawton High Wolverines!