Well it looks like Lawton will be going to once a week trash pick-up after all. The city held their budget meeting yesterday (07-18-20) and approved the 2020/2021 budget. It outlines several cost saving actions the city will adopt going forward including once a week trash pick-up. The city budget will go into effect early July, but the changes to trash pick-up will go into effect sometime in October. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the city is facing tough times.

Along with the once a week trash pick up changes the city will be making we'll also see a 1.7% increase in our utility bill. Now I know it sounds like we'll be paying more for less and honestly we are, however the city is also going to offer once a month bulk trash pick-up. This will help out some especially when it comes to holidays and Spring/Fall clean up. According to the financial reports for the budget going to once a week trash pick-up will help save the city around $400,000 annually. This along with the utility rate hike and other measures will keep Lawton out of the red.

Hopefully these new changes won't negatively affect the litter issue we've had in town. we've spent a lot of time cleaning up and improving the over all appearance of Lawton and I'd hate to see all the trash return due to limited pick-ups. You can get an additional trash can or cart from the city. They cost an additional $5.00 a month to rent and will be included on your utility bill. If you're wanting more information on that click here for all the details. Having an extra trash can would help especially if you have a larger family, not to mention lawn and yard debris.

For all the details on the Lawton budget and upcoming changes see the official City of Lawton press release below:

City of Lawton
City of Lawton

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