The results are in from yesterday's election for Lawton Mayor and the open Ward 2 city council seat. Stan Booker has won re-election and will be serving a second term as Mayor. The Ward 2 city council seat remains in play. After all the votes were counted no one reached the required percentage threshold to win the seat outright, so a run off will take place this November. It was a good race and very tight among the candidates.

Congratulations to Stan Booker on winning re-election. He ran against two tough competitors, Sherene Williams and Palmer Moore. In the end Mayor Booker held a little over 63% of the vote and received over 2,600 total votes to win. Both Sherene and Palmer ran good races, congrats to them as well for all their efforts in the election. It's not an easy thing to do and anyone who attempts to serve in a public office deserves our thanks regardless of the election outcome. All three candidates did an amazing job.

The Ward 2 city council seat will head to a run off later this year. After yesterday's election two candidates remain in the race, Kelly Harris and Mark Malone. They're face off this November to decided who will win the Ward 2 city council seat. There were five total candidates looking to fill the empty seat on the council. None reached the required vote count percentage to win the seat outright yesterday.

Voter turn out was remarkably low. A little over 4,000 people cast votes yesterday for Lawton Mayor and around 650 people voted for the Ward 2 council seat. In a town with a population of a little over 94,000 and having such a low voter turn out is incredibly sad. Hopefully you made it to the polls yesterday and performed your civic duty. If not get involved, register to vote and participate in the next election.

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