"Where did I go wrong?" is a great question, and after posting these pictures on FaceBook, I have more answers than I even knew existed.  What had happened was...


My granddaughter wanted Chocolate Chip Cookies for her Birthday day at Nana's house, and I'm not gonna lie, I was more concerned on whether I had Chocolate Chips than I was about Baking Soda.  First of all, who knew that Baking Soda expires?  I honestly did not.  The box I bought in November for my Christmas Cookie Extravaganza is still nearly full, so I used it.

According to The Spruce Eats:

You can use a rule of thumb—two years for an unopened package and six months for an opened package.

They go on to tell you how to test the potency of your Baking Soda.  Basically, it needs to come into contact with an acidic presence to see if it is still good.  So, put some Baking Soda in a bowl, splash some vinegar or lemon/lime juice on it, and if it bubbles furiously, then it's still good.  If the bubbles are less, then it's probably better to use the remainder of the box for cleaning or to absorb orders in your refrigerator or freezer.


I did get several other tips as well and suggestions on why my cookies didn't rise, all good things to check.  My next cookie baking project is sure to go much better with these gems:

  • Add a bit more flour than the recipe calls for.
  • freeze your butter then grate it and use while still cool
  • bake at a lower temperature
  • check to see if your butter is salted or unsalted, that could make a difference
  • Worst comes to worst, go to the expert Betty Crocker Cookie Troubleshooting!

I will buy new baking soda and try again.  This time, I'll put it in a plastic bag to store it and, I'll use it within 6 months.  On the bright side, I did get a wonderful new chocolate cookie recipe to try!  So, I'll count the Chocolate chip pancakes or as they were also referred to as Chocolate Chip Brittle, as a marginal win, because at least they tasted better than they looked!

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