Have you ever had the TopGolf experience? Getting together with a couple of pals, having a few drinks, and chooching the proprietary TopGolf balls down the fenced-in fairway?

Surprisingly, it's a lot of fun. Not only because hitting things is therapeutic, but also because it always becomes a game of challenge, who can hit the ball the farthest, etc...

A new construction project has recently become the talk of social media, and more than a few people are suggesting that TopGolf is coming to Lawton.

It's just south of 38th and Cache Road.


I'll be honest with you, while that would be pretty epic, especially considering how many people complain about a lack of fun in this town, TopGolf is not coming to Lawton... or rather, this project is not going to be a TopGolf.

It's far too small, and it's all wrong anyway. TG is just wishful thinking.

What is it then?

I gave the people over at the new Uhaul location a shout to ask them. It's going to be their new warehouse. The polite guy on the other end of the phone went into detail about what it entails, but I guess I spaced out while he was telling me. Something about storing the mobile storage unit things...

Now you know.

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