For decades, the best advice for young people has been "Go to college, get a degree," but the tide is slowly turning on that advice.

Historically, college hasn't always been an option for a decent chunk of the population. Only about 20% of Gen-X completed college as opposed to Millennials (67%) and Gen Z (65%). While that has proved to be wonderful news in theory, it has caused an upset across the job market.

It's basic supply and demand. We're at a point in time where we have way too many college graduates competing for fewer positions across the board. As a result, college graduates today earn less than graduates did on average in 1990.

As a result, we're about to enter a renaissance of the trades. As older blue-collar workers retire, there's a lack of people to replace them. Along those same supply and demand stats, trade workers are earning more than ever.

If you're looking to make a career move, here's a great place to start. Lawton's highest-paying jobs that don't require a college degree.

OPPORTUNITIES: These Are the Highest-Paying Jobs in Lawton That Don’t Require a College Degree

Stacker ranked the 50 highest-paying jobs in Lawton that don't require a college degree, using annual compensation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

Lawton's Worst Roads As Voted By You

Roads have always been a hot topic in Lawton. The local government always promises to fix them when elections are at stake, but the improvements never come. It's more of the same crumbling roads and bandaid patches due to what the city describes as "too little funding," even though we continually vote for bonds to satisfy these issues.

Here are the worst commonly used roads in Lawton as voted by you.

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Closed Lawton Restaurants We All Wish Were Still Open

Do you ever get that bummer feeling when you're craving a meal that just isn't available anymore? Or better yet, not necessarily the food as much as the people and ambiance you grew up with? Hundreds of restaurants have come and gone in Lawton, Oklahoma, but here's a quick list of eateries we all wish were still around.

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The Highest Rated Local 'Cheap Eats' Restaurants In Lawton

Sometimes you just cannot eat another bite of chain-restaurant food. There's a bit of comfort in the fact you can visit any location in the country and have the same meal, but it grows tired on the taste buds. Sometimes you just need something uniquely local and preferably within your budget.

While there are higher-rated restaurants in town, they come at a steep price. Paying $12 for a lime-washed beer or glass of wine crosses the border between eating a meal and paying extra for entertainment. Here are the highest-rated local cheap eats in Lawton according to Trip Advisor.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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